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Here’s a way you can recognize the Wesleyan teachers who had an enduring impact on your academic or personal development. Nominations are open for the 2015 Binswanger Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

You can nominate after logging into Wesconnect.


If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Macko in Alumni and Parent Relations, kmacko@wesleyan.edu

Approved Student Forums – Spring 2015

AFAM420(01) WesDef Training: Breaking Barriers 1.0
Through Facilitation
Student Leaders: Keyonne Session
Aimee Wilkerson
Faculty Sponsor: David Swiderski

AMST420(01) History, Gender, and Sexuality through 1.0
The Lens of Asian American Voices
Student Leaders: Alton Wang
Jennie He
Faculty Sponsor: Patricia Hill

AMST420(02) Writing Through Trauma 1.0
Student Leaders: Ella Weisser
Amy Mattox
Faculty Sponsor: Indira Karamcheti

CEAS420(01) Japanese Youths and Democracy: 1.0
What Students Think
Student Leader: Shingo Umehara
Faculty Sponsor: Stephen Angle

CHEM420(01) The Science and Art of Chemical 1.0
Student Leader: Jesse Mangiardi
Faculty Sponsor: T. David Westmoreland

ECON420(01) Out of Theory into Practice: 1.0
Entrepreneurship Studies 101
Student Leaders: Yekaterina Sapozhrnina
Dylan Niehoff
Faculty Sponsor: Abigail Hornstein

ENGL420(01) History of the English Language 1.0
Student Leader: Margaret Curtis
Faculty Sponsor: Matthew Garrett

ENVS420(01) Farm Forum 1.0
Student Leaders: Kate Enright
Eva Steinberg
Faculty Sponsor: Amrys Williams

FGSS420(01) Women of Color in STEM: The Academy 1.0
And Beyond
Student Leaders: Aura Ochoa
Nisha Grewal
Faculty Sponsor: Christina Othon

GOVT420(01) Family, Power, and Hodar: Political Theory, 1.0
Economics, and History in “Game of Thrones”
Student Leaders: Arthur Halliday
Michael Greenwald
Faculty Sponsor: Justin Peck

HIST420(01) The Palestine Question: Locating Palestine .50
In the Historical & Contemporary Imaginary
Student Leader: Justine Mitchell
Faculty Sponsor: Bruce Masters

PSYC420(01) Gender, Race, and Culture in Disney Movies 1.0
Student Leaders: Taylor Dauphin
Edrianny Rodriguez
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Steele

PSYC420(02) Moral Psychology’s Past, Present & Future .50
Student Leader: Zachary Dravis
Faculty Sponsor: Patricia Rodriguez Mosquera

SISP420(01) Conscious Connections; Fostering 1.0
Sustainable Mindful Practices
Student Leaders: Jacqueline Friedman
Katie McLaughlin
Faculty Sponsor: Katja Kolcio

SOC420(01) Innovation Through Design Thinking 1.0
Student Leaders: Mikaela Reyes
Shirley Fang
Faculty Sponsor: Rob Rosenthal

SOC420(02) Between the Bars: Prison Conditions in 1.0
Modern America
Student Leader: Matthew Fine
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Weil

To enroll in a Student Forum, please contact the student leader(s) for an enrollment form. The signed forms are due in the Registrar’s office the last day of Drop/Add for Spring 2015, Wednesday, February 4, 2015 by 5:00pm.

1/12/15 spk

Mindfulness Course

BPN: Being Present Now.

Mindfulness and Weleyan

A 6-week course on Mondays, 6:00-8:00 pm, beginning on 1/26/15

During this non-credit course, students will be introduced to various techniques of mindfulness practice and spiritual awareness, including sitting meditation and yoga. These modalities are designed to aid in stress and anxiety reduction, and when practiced diligently, may also offer opportunities for greater self-awareness and personal development. The goal is to give students a spiritual toolbox that is portable, replicable, and sustainable. Students will gain an understanding of the roles these practices can play in leading a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

The class will be taught by:
Amy Tate, PHD
Scott Kessel, Wesleyan ’87 MALS ’92
David Leipziger Teva, Director – Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

There is a limited amount of space in the class. For more information and to apply:


Or contact David Lepiziger Teva (dleipziger@wesleyan.edu).

Digital Wesleyan will be offering a Programming Workshop open to all students – no prior experience necessary.

In 6 Saturday sessions, you’ll learn programming fundamentals, the coding language Python, and meet connected alumni working in the tech industry. The last day will be a demo day on which you can show off what you’ve built! It’s open to all class years, is completely free, and includes lunch.

Based on workshop participation, 10 students will be chosen for a paid summer internship with a Wes alum working in technology in either SF or NYC.

Some of you may have done the program last year – we’ve revamped the curriculum and have brought on a new teacher who worked for MIT’s Lincoln Lab and later for Girls Who Code, so feel free to re-apply. I highly recommend it. I did the workshop last year and ended up interning at Betaworks – it was an incredible learning experience and provided me with exposure to the tech world.

******APPLY HERE: http://digitalwesleyan.com/apply/******
Apps are due by December 21st – Questions? contact on-campus representative Ani Acopian (aacopian@wesleyan.edu)

Wesleyan University Concerto Competition || Application Deadline: February 5th, 2015

NEW!!! Large Ensemble Scholarship || Audition Deadline: February 5th, 2015



For more information, contact: Dreisen Heath <dheath@wesleyan.edu>; Monique Siaw <msiaw@wesleyan.edu>; Jasmine Mack <jmmack@wesleyan.edu>.


You can help us gain knowledge about the role of social media and social networks by participating in a brief online survey for Dawanna Butler ’15’s senior thesis! This short 5 minute survey will ask about your participation in social networks. Click here to access this interesting survey. Those who have participated in this survey before are not eligible to complete it for a second time. Thank you for your participation!

New Dance course!

The Department of Dance is pleased to announce an exciting new course for the spring semester:

NEW COURSE: Performance Matters: Creating Performance on Specific Topics
DANC 240
Spring 2015

This course introduces dance as a method of inquiry based in the physical, creative body and performance. This special offering is specifically designed for students interested in applying dance and performance toward a particular theme, question, topic, or area of research. Students are expected to come with a specific area of interest in mind, and ready to ask “In what ways can dance and performance deepen my understanding of…”


If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the courses instructor, Katja Kolcio (kkolcio@wesleyan.edu).

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